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Winter Wellness in Irish Creches: Embracing Science for Germ-Free Surfaces


As the Irish winter draws near, creches and kindergartens face the familiar challenge of safeguarding the health of our little ones against the seasonal surge of germs. It’s a critical mission to keep learning spaces not just clean, but scientifically sanitised. Healthy Surfaces is leading this charge with innovative solutions grounded in science.


Navigating Winter’s Germ Avalanche

The colder months are notorious for the proliferation of sniffles and coughs, especially in the bustling hubs of childhood learning. The close quarters and shared resources in educational settings become fertile grounds for germs to thrive. This is where Healthy Surfaces steps in, with a scientifically backed suite designed to stop germs in their tracks.

The Science-Driven Defence Trio


Here’s where advanced science truly shines. Dyphox utilizes photocatalytic technology—meaning it harnesses light, both artificial and natural, to activate a reaction on the coated surface. This reaction leads to the breakdown of microbial contaminants such as bacteria and viruses, effectively rendering them harmless. It’s a layer of protection that works continuously, reducing the microbial load on surfaces without the need for constant disinfection.


More than a layer of paint, it is a microbe-resistant barrier. Using this latest antimicrobial technology, this paint coats surfaces with a layer that is inhospitable to pathogens, offering a proactive approach to health and safety.

Virobac Sealer:

Ground-level germs don’t stand a chance with this advanced sealer. Its scientifically formulated compound bonds with the flooring, creating an enduring antimicrobial defence that’s robust enough to endure the daily parade of little feet.


A Deeper Dive into Dyphox

The ingenuity behind Dyphox is rooted in its photocatalytic coating. When exposed to light, the active ingredients generate reactive oxygen species (ROS). These ROS are powerful agents that attack and destroy the cell walls of microbes, causing them to break down and die. This process occurs repeatedly, providing a self-disinfecting surface that actively contributes to a cleaner environment, even between regular cleaning routines.

This video highlights the unique features and benefits of our solution, providing a clear understanding of its effectiveness.

Healthy Surfaces: Beyond the Ordinary

Unlike traditional cleaning that diminishes in efficacy soon after application, our trio of products, Dyphox, RELIUS ANTI-BAC PRO and Virobac Sealer, offer a revolutionary approach. It’s not just cleaning; it’s active and ongoing protection, marrying hygiene with cutting-edge science for a lasting effect.

Envisioning a Germ-Reduced Winter for Our Youngest Learners

The Healthy Surfaces initiative is more than a seasonal campaign; it’s a commitment to safer, healthier learning environments where children are free to explore and grow.

As winter approaches, it’s time to fortify our creches and kindergartens with more than hope— with science.

Explore the Healthy Surfaces range, and join us in turning every classroom into a beacon of health and continuous learning, despite the cold. Because when it comes to our children, every detail matters, and every surface can be a shield.

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