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DYPHOX is a self-disinfecting coating with an excellent, lasting effect. Our patented solution achieves a germ reduction based on a natural principle and is particularly suitable for hygiene-sensitive and frequently touched surfaces. The molecules in this coating trigger a reaction in the presence of light, which destroys the cell walls of the pathogens. These can then no longer trigger any infections. Once applied, this effect lasts for one year.
DYPHOX affects various types of bacteria, e.g., MRSA (better known as one of the hospital germs) or E. coli (causes diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain) and viruses (e.g., influenza A, coronaviruses, noroviruses).
No! DYPHOX does not require any special light sources and works with normal visible light (daylight or artificial room light).
The disinfection process by DYPHOX acts immediately as soon as visible light reaches the coated surfaces.
The in-situ produced singlet oxygen is responsible for the antimicrobial effect and oxidatively destroys the pathogens.
Singlet oxygen is a energy-rich form of normal atmospheric oxygen. It is generated by the DYPHOX photocatalyst transferring the energy of the incident ambient light to neighboring oxygen molecules in air. The short-term excited state only works close (up to 8 mm range) to the surface coating. Singlet oxygen oxidatively destroys the outer layer of microorganisms, effectively and permanently killing them.
No, the activated oxygen is harmless to humans and animals.
No! The photocatalyst used was proven to be inconspicuous in the sensitization study. The DYPHOX coating was certified as “very good” by Dermatest.
No. DYPHOX surfaces are harmless to health and free of metal particles, chemical biocides or plasticizers. The coating has been classified by ISEGA as safe for food contact and as sweat- and saliva-proof.
Yes, singlet oxygen has been proven to be effective against all types of viruses – including corona viruses – as well as all types of bacteria.
DYPHOX Universal is regulatory a biocidal product and therefore affected by the European Biocide Regulation EU 528/2012. DYPHOX is based on an in-situ process, i.e., in this case reactive oxygen species are produced from ambient air, and accordingly, according to Article 93 of the Biocide Regulation, a transitional period is valid to this type of product. A corresponding active substance dossier for “free radicals generated in-situ from ambient air or water” has been submitted to ECHA. Until the active substance procedure is approved, corresponding products can be marketed and sold accordingly.
Whether DYPHOX replaces or effectively supplements surface disinfection depends on the specifications in your area and on each individual case. In any case, the germ-load of DYPHOX coated surfaces are effectively reduced even without additional disinfection and, in contrast to disinfection, no hygiene gaps occur, as DYPHOX is permanently effective and not only during application.