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👶🏼🧒🏻 Ensuring a Healthy Journey: Common Infections in Creches and How to Protect Your Little Ones! 💪🌟


Dear Parents and Caregivers,

As parents, we understand the importance of creating a safe and healthy environment for our children, especially in creches, kindergartens, and daycares. Today, we want to shed light on the issue of infections that can be transferred within these environments, particularly through high-touch surfaces, and how our antimicrobial coatings can provide a long-term sanitation solution.

By fostering open communication with creche staff, adhering to established hygiene protocols, and implementing our long-lasting, innovative sanitation solutions, we can collectively create a healthier environment for our little explorers and reduce the occurrence of these common infections in creches and kindergartens across Ireland.


Let’s take a closer look at some of these common infections and their modes of transmission:


  • Respiratory Infections: Respiratory viruses such as RSV, common cold, flu, and coronaviruses can spread rapidly through close contact and commonly touched surfaces.
  • Gastrointestinal Infections: Outbreaks of gastroenteritis caused by viruses like norovirus and rotavirus are unfortunately all too common. These infections can be transmitted through hard surfaces touched by both the staff and the children.
  • Hand-Foot-and-Mouth Disease (HFMD): HFMD, characterized by blisters on the hands, feet, and mouth, can quickly circulate among children in creches. Regular disinfection of toys and surfaces plays a crucial role in combating the spread of these infections. However, it can be challenging to maintain an infection-free environment between cleaning cycles.
  • Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye): Pink eye, with its telltale redness and itching, can easily spread in creches. Given the nature of children’s play and toy-sharing, preventing its transmission can be a challenge for staff.

Even with the most rigorous cleaning strategies, these infections can persist on surfaces for hours or even weeks, as surfaces become re-contaminated after cleaning.


Now, imagine a product that:

  1. Kills all viruses and bacteria, including multi-resistant strains.
  2. Is environmentally friendly and sustainable.
  3. Requires only a once-a-year application.

Sounds interesting?

Healthy Surfaces introduces Dyphox, a German-made product now available in Ireland, which offers a long-term sanitation solution for creches, kindergartens, and daycares.


Let’s delve deeper into how our innovative product Dyphox, a leader in antimicrobial coating technology, can help in breaking the chain of infection and ensuring a healthy journey for your children.

This video highlights the unique features and benefits of our solution, providing a clear understanding of its effectiveness.


Your child’s health is our top priority!

For more detailed information and valuable resources on creche sanitation, we invite you to visit our dedicated page: Effective Sanitation for Creches & Kindergartens.

If you’re ready to join us in creating a safer, healthier environment for our little ones, don’t hesitate to get in touch or schedule a call.

Together, we can break the chain of infection.


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