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As a business owner, it’s essential to maintain a clean and safe workplace to protect your employees and customers from harmful bacteria and viruses. This is where Dyphox Long-term surface sanitiser comes in. In this article, we’ll discuss how Heidelberg iT Management GmbH & Co.KG has leveraged Dyphox Universal, an antimicrobial surface coating, to keep their data centre safe.   

A data centre equipped with innovative hygiene technology “Dyphox” for the first time.

(PresseBox) (Heidelberg , 03/12/21) 

Fighting viruses in the data centre of Heidelberg iT Management GmbH & Co.KG in a different way: This time, the Heidelberg cloud and data centre provider is not concerned with malware and computer viruses, but with protection against pathogens and viruses – even against the SARS CoV-2 corona virus . The reason for this is the innovative antimicrobial surface coating “Dyphox Universal”, which the Heidelberg IT service provider had applied at the beginning of March on frequently touched surfaces in the company’s own data centre “Serverhotel 2” and in the office building by the authorized specialist MD Coating from Schönau.

“With the pandemic, the effort involved in the constant cleaning and disinfection of surfaces in our rooms and workplaces has increased significantly. The effectiveness of Dyphox’s photodynamic process immediately convinced me, as it consistently reduces the germ load on surfaces for a long period of time and so that Reduces the risk of infection in the business environment, “says Matthias Blatz, Managing Director of Heidelberg iT. 

The new antimicrobial coating technology helps to ensure that both the 70-strong Heidelberg iT team as well as visitors and customers are now better protected. The surface coating is an optimal addition to the Heidelberg iT hygiene concept, which, in addition to measures such as sensor-controlled disinfectant dispensers, relies on contactless body temperature measurement with the Kentix SmartXcan.

img-2Blatz adds: “We are always looking for innovative solutions for our customers and are now probably offering the first data centre in Europe with this future-oriented hygiene technology that removes germs from surfaces and objects”. “We have often treated office workplaces with keyboards, telephone receivers and computer mice with the innovative Dyphox coating, but data centre rooms are definitely for the first time,” confirms Diana Boskovic, managing director of the specialist company MD Coating, who is the implementation partner for Dyphox coatings in Baden-Württemberg.

Dr. Benjamin Kastl from TriOptoTec GmbH: “The Dyphox process uses Photodynamics, which has been used successfully for years in tumour therapy, dentistry and ophthalmology and in the disinfection of blood. Put simply, we use non-toxic photocatalysts and light energy to Surface to generate so-called singlet oxygen. This reaches the microorganisms on dry and moist surfaces and kills the germs quickly and effectively through oxidative degeneration of the outer shell. “

Dyphox TriOptoTec was created in 2010 as a spin-off from the Regensburg University Hospital. 10 years of research and development work made it possible to optimally develop the products. The effectiveness of the photodynamic effect of the Dyphox technology has been tested very successfully by independent institutes as well as in an independent field study by the University Clinic Regensburg in real use of the coating. Dyphox is the only antimicrobial surface coating that works against all types of germs such as bacteria and viruses. The coating can be applied to almost all surfaces, for example glass, plexiglass, plastic, stainless steel, etc. and is completely non-toxic. The germicidal effect works with natural or artificial room light and the coating only needs to be refreshed after a year.

Virus protection is an essential element of IT security for IT systems in a data centre. Customers who use the TÜViT-certified “Serverhotel 2” data centre of Heidelberg iT in the colocation model, choose security solutions at their discretion. If Heidelberg iT is responsible for the IT systems of corporate customers, leading IT security solutions and cyber defence products are used, including G DATA antivirus systems and the No Spam Proxy email security gateway, its anti-spam module with artificial intelligence that fends off dangerous e-mails and leaves viruses or modern cyber threats no chance. The solution is also available as a cloud service.

The subject of IT security forms a central focus in the Heidelberg iT repertoire. Whether it is technical IT security such as backup services, virus protection management, firewall systems, security solutions for endpoints, data and networks or organizational information security according to the ISO 27001 standard or based on the basic IT protection modules of the BSI: Heidelberg iT supports Corporate customers with needs-based solutions that companies need for secure and future-proof IT.

In addition, Heidelberg iT offers organizations and companies the full range of tasks of an external information security officer, including security awareness training. In this function, Heidelberg iT takes over the control and coordination of the information security process and accompanies the establishment of an information security management system (ISMS) according to the named standards. For small companies, the IT and information security experts work with a simplified concept that is based on current standards.

Find More detailed information on hygienic coatings at Dyphox antimicrobial coating technology, or visit our Dyphox System product page.

The feature photo shows (from left) Dr. Benjamin Kastl (TriOptoTec GmbH / DYPHOX), Diana Boskovic (MD Coating) and Matthias Blatz (Heidelberg iT) in the “Serverhotel 2” data center of the cloud and data center provider Heidelberg iT. Photo: Heidelberg iT



Heidelberg iT Management GmbH & Co. KG

Heidelberg iT Management GmbH & Co. KG is a leading IT service provider in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region and, as a cloud and data center provider, internet service provider and IT system house, combines all core competencies in information and telecommunications technology under one roof. The IT / ICT infrastructure service provider based in Heidelberg has distributed data center units with a total area of ​​1,500 square meters, including the modern data center “Serverhotel 2” with TSI certificate from TÜViT / TÜV Nord Group. The focus is on cloud computing and IT outsourcing as well as all IT consulting and IT services relating to infrastructure, networks and the Internet, including business telephony, unified communications & collaboration and the procurement of hardware and software.

In the IT security area, Heidelberg iT covers all technical and organizational IT security issues and can take on the role of external information security officer (ISB) for companies. The repertoire is supplemented by professional fiber optic services and fiber optic products as well as a fiber optic emergency service.

As a specialist in electrical and network technology, Heidelberg iT plans and implements intelligent home networking (smart home) and multimedia concepts. Heidelberg iT customers mainly include medium-sized companies, non-profit and social institutions, service providers with high data volumes, IT departments of corporations and small businesses. Further information at www.heidelberg-it.de